Defining boundaries after divorce

Following a divorce, a major challenge that will need to be addressed is readjusting roles and defining boundaries. Childless couples may simply decide to cease all future communication with each other but this becomes practically impossible when there are children involved, necessitating to establish roles.

For starters, remember that you and your former spouse are now co-parents and no longer partners. This means ensuring that you are both doing the best job in raising the child, ensuring they feel loved and supported from both sides, and if possible, attending school-related functions together. Communication should be relegated to the child and their interests while topics such as finances or new romantic relationships should remain off-limits.

Maintaining privacy

Following a divorce, if no children are involved, knowing what your former spouse may be up to is not your right and neither is who they choose to spend time with. Staying away from their business is best, and you may wish to inform your former spouse that you expect the same from them. Over the long run, both of you will be happier.

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