High net worth couples, as defined by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, can be defined as those whose assets (excluding primary residences) exceed a million dollars or those who have combined income of $300,000 for the past two years (each year must equal $300,000.

High net worth divorces require special attention from experienced attorneys who have dealt with similar cases. A Miami family law lawyer from Rafool, PLLC can help you through their extensive knowledge on these types of divorces and post-experience representing some of Florida's wealthiest residents. Our team will advocate for you to ensure your holdings are protected and that you are able to continue the lifestyle to which you are used. 

To properly assist clients in high net worth divorces, a Miami FL divorce attorney must understand to analyze current and future values of financial accounts, business assets, and professional goodwill. Other Matters of high net worth divorces include identifying and valuing assets, child custody arrangements, and enforcing marital agreements. 

The most common assets looked at in a divorce of this caliber are:

  • Investment accounts and stock options

  • Real estate

  • Retirement assets

  • Valuable items such as jewelry and antiques

  • Cars and boats

  • Insurance and its benefits

  • Debt 

The stakes are high in these divorces, and so are emotions. Often, it is not only the assets that couples have a hard time dividing but the memories behind them. Each spouse wants to ensure that they are able to take back what is theirs. Through legal advice on these sophisticated issues and a strategy tailored to your needs, our lawyers will provide you exceptional service during your divorce.