Honesty Is Imperative in Prenuptial Agreements

When coming up with a prenuptial agreement, both soon to be spouses must be truthful to avoid any issues should the marriage not work out and result in divorce.

To provide an example, a man getting married to a woman may decide to embellish his assets to give a greater sense of wealth to impress his bride. The wife may receive a share of assets that turn out to be much smaller than the husband had disclosed should they divorce. A spouse may also try to hide the prenup assets. However, if a prenup does not protect the assets, they may end up being taken over or split with the other person.

In another situation, a partner may not intentionally conceal or exaggerate wealth, but he or she may miss assets. You can make an investment in property and put money in a portfolio and then forget about its existence. A spouse’s assets may have also seen a value increase, but this change has gone unnoticed.

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