Co-parenting following a divorce already has its difficulties as both parents adjust to being single parents. However, if you’re dealing with a co-parent that is simply unreasonable, it can make the process that much harder. Instead of becoming angry, consider the following tips to adjust and adapt to the circumstances.

Ideas for dealing with a difficult co-parent

For starters, remember to accept that which you cannot change, and that includes your former spouse. As opposed to viewing the situation through a lens of them trying to intentionally make your life more difficult, look at it from their side if it’s feasible. Is there some way to improve the situation? If not, could changing up your schedule make life easier for you?

In some cases, face to face conversations are too uncomfortable and may become confrontational if there are strong or bitter feelings involved. When you can’t amicably talk with the other parent, consider using alternative forms of communication like texting or perhaps use a calendar that you and the other parent can contribute to separately.

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