If infidelity played a role in your divorce, you may be wondering how it may affect the divorce settlement. In Florida, the act does not affect divorce unless the affair contributed to a change in your financial situation. On that note, infidelity will not affect child custody unless your children were directly affected because of it. Let’s elaborate a bit on this.

In Florida, some of the factors that will be considered by a judge to determine alimony include the length of the marriage, the health of each spouse, the couple’s standard of living, and the earning capacity of both spouses. Infidelity will only come into play if, for example, one spouse paid the rent for the person they were being unfaithful with, if one spouse bought gifts for them, or if the spouse went on a vacation with the person. If a partner did not invest a large amount of marital assets on the affair, it will not impact the distribution of the alimony or property and assets. Unfortunately, a judge isn't going to reimburse you for the emotional pain you feel.

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