Divorce is never an easy process for anyone involved. In fact, a lot of well-meaning relatives and friends will admit that going through their own divorce was the hardest thing they've ever done. However, in order to provide their children with the support they require, parents must take into account the vulnerability of their kids and try to put aside their own suffering. Although this might seem nearly impossible to someone going through a stressful divorce, there are things Florida parents can do to support their kids during this transition.

Parents must first and foremost inform their children of the impending divorce, what to expect from it, and limit their discussion to those aspects of it that will affect the child and his or her particular world. If a child expresses sadness, shock, anger, or another emotion in response, do not be surprised. Above all else, keep reminding kids that they aren't to blame for the divorce.

Next, make sure that kids are never used as bargaining chips in a divorce power struggle. Some couples, particularly those involved in a child custody dispute, will make an effort to turn their kids against their ex-spouse. This is not at all beneficial, and it will hurt your kids' emotions. Imagine the emotional scarring that would result if a child was raised to despise his or her mother because the father does.

Finally, keep the child's environment consistent. A child needs to know exactly when they will see a parent next in order to feel secure, especially when it comes to parent visitation. More significant than the quantity of time spent with a child is the consistency and quality of that time.

While a divorce may be challenging for both parents, it can be especially difficult for any children involved. Because of this, parents in Florida should make it a point to put aside their own problems in order to support their children through a divorce. 

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