Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

With a divorce, there are often strong emotions involved. These emotions could come into play and make it difficult for couples to amicably resolve their situation and reach an agreement, requiring a judge to intervene. Should this happen, the situation could be made worse since the judge may make decisions the soon-to-be-former couple does not agree with. To avoid this, couples may wish to explore the possibility of a collaborative divorce.

A collaborative divorce is voluntary. The divorcing couple works with legal professionals to settle their conflicts. Unlike lawsuits, the divorcing couple remains in charge of making decisions about their properties, their children and their future. During this time every party has to maintain its own legal counsel. Then, they work in good faith together to overcome their differences.

With a collaborative divorce, the atmosphere is often less hostile, there is greater privacy, and the couple has control of the divorce timing. However, it also requires that both spouses trust each other implicitly and that they will provide accurate and complete information on sensitive issues such as finances.

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