Divorce can be stressful, but for those in the spotlight, it can be excruciating as the public watches your personal life unfold. Having a divorce attorney who has experience in celebrity divorce and is committed to protecting your information and keeping your personal life private is a must. 

Miami is a bustling city that consistently draws in those in the public eye, from television to music, to professional sports. It is not uncommon to find celebrities around here. With that comes swarms of paparazzi and tabloid press. This can make even daily life stressful, much less when you are handling a divorce. 

The main goal is to reach the best possible terms and protect privacy. Florida is a “no-fault only” state (in which the spouse filing for divorce does not have to prove that the other spouse was at fault in any way). This keeps the case from going to trial in court.

Even in cases with high-net-worth divorces in which a spouse has various business interests, you still need to protect your privacy. Being in the public eye during a divorce can reflect on business and brands. The right divorce attorney can protect the brand from loss of goodwill.

With a Miami FL divorce attorney at Rafool, LLC, you can expect your privacy to be protected to the highest degree. Board-certified experts will give you reliable counsel, so that paparazzi and tabloids do not ruin your public image. Our team of experts, from CPAs, forensic accountants, asset valuation specialists, and Miami Family law lawyers will be able to help you throughout your divorce process.