It’s often said that you shouldn’t air out your issues on social media. However, in today’s age where people are more connected than ever and like to share stories about what they eat and where they go, you may wonder how to deal with a divorce. If you do decide to share the news on social media, there are steps to make the process easier to navigate.

For starters, don’t make any announcement until you and your soon to be former spouse are ready to do so. Whether or not there are acrimonious feelings involved, sharing your negative sentiments isn’t going to do anyone any favors. On that note, keep your postings strictly professional. Remember that you are not required to share any details about your divorce with anyone and posting anything negative or accusatory may come back to haunt you.

Once the divorce process is complete, it’s time to start fresh. This could mean severing relationships with people you’ve “friended” such as your in-laws, friends that were more like acquaintances, and of course, your former spouse if necessary. If you feel like there’s something you need to get off of your chest, resist the urge to post a social media rant and instead find someone you trust to speak to.

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