When children are not coping with divorce, what signs can help a parent make a note? Their conduct is the best predictor. Divorce is more than simply the dissolution of a marriage. If it involves children, it is the culmination of family life as they have learned it and the beginning of a new chapter they may not be emotionally ready for.

People of all ages often respond with rage when facing significant pressure. For kids, this may mean that fighting or acting out at home, at school, or with friends becomes more frequent. Although the arguments and actions may not be specifically connected to divorce, the latent cause is more often than not the tension of the case.

Divorced parents' children who are facing difficulty with their current family arrangement may not have the means to cope with other blows they are given. When some children get upset, others respond with sorrow. They can feel sad or weep over stuff that would not generally bother them. A little extra reassurance sometimes is all it takes.

Another common indicator is withdrawal. Children who respond in this manner prefer to forgo things they once loved, neglect family and friends, and may prefer the solitude of their rooms. Encourage children to keep their peers and interests healthy.

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