One of the trickiest parts of the divorce process is the division of assets, especially if there was no prenuptial agreement signed. In addition to the strong emotions involved in the divorce, there is the process of separating what belongs to whom. Hence, it is important to think about your physical assets and liabilities while not forgetting those that may be considered digital.

Digital assets could be considered items both tangible and intangible. The latter can be easy to unintentionally overlook yet they may be necessary to include in the divorce documentation. Think of items like virtual currency such as Bitcoin, music or movie libraries, goods that are virtual but have a value in the real world, or funds that may be in accounts like PayPal.

Many of these digital assets are easy to forget yet they could result in legal trouble. It is, therefore, crucial to make a meticulous list of all assets both physical and digital as well as debts. If you’re concerned your soon to be former spouse may be intentionally hiding assets, an attorney may be able to help.

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