Depending on the case, family court cases can be a lengthy process. In some of these cases, time is of the essence and a resolution may be needed as soon as possible. For example, a motion for temporary custody may be a way to temporarily resolve a case.

What is a motion for temporary custody?

As the name implies, a motion for temporary custody involves a parent requesting physical custody of the child for a temporarily. They are part of what’s called a motion for temporary relief, in which a judge grants a temporary resolution to a case. Besides child custody, they may also be used in cases involving the distribution of marital assets or alimony. These motions will remain in effect until the case is formally resolved.

Why may a motion for temporary custody be granted in Florida?

In regards to a motion for temporary custody, a parent should ensure they detail why the request being made is valid or necessary. A judge may, therefore, grant an emergency custody motion if, for example,

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