A common misconception when it comes to child support payments is that they are often owed by fathers. However, women can also be held accountable for any unpaid child support just as men would, as a case. The non-custodial parent (regardless of whether it’s the mother or father) must pay a portion of the standard child support responsibility of a family based on their contribution to the monthly net income earned between both parents.

A case from a couple of years illustrates how parents cannot escape paying child support, even mothers. A woman in Michigan was found by law enforcement officials after she needed assistance from a tow truck driver in removing her vehicle which had gotten stuck in a ditch. After the woman’s license was run, it was discovered that there was a suspension on her driving privileges. Furthermore, there was a warrant out for her arrest due to allegedly failing to make child support payments.

The arrest is one example of different ways authorities and/or the courts will pursue a mother or father to fulfill their child support obligations. To read more about the Michigan woman, visithttps://upnorthlive.com/news/local/woman-arrested-on-warrant-after-car-crash.

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