“Parental alienation” is a term used to describe when a child prefers to ally themselves with one parent, often resulting in the other being rejected despite there not being a legitimate justification for the alienation. This often happens due to the influence of the “preferred” parent encouraging the child to reject the other parent. Children may, as a result, choose to comply to avoid upsetting the preferred parent and risking conflict.

Some of the actions the preferred parent may use to sway the child’s opinion of the other parent include painting the other parent as being unloving, talking negatively about them, encouraging the child not to place trust in the parent, or even placing limits on contact. Alienation gives children a dishonest belief that the targeted parent is both dangerous and incapable of a child's affection. This may lead to a child having low self-esteem, loss of confidence, depression, and the child may even end up hating themselves.

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