Depending on how long you’ve been married, you and your spouse have probably disagreed on issues regarding your children. Perhaps the child knows that one of you will say yes when the other one says no, resulting in potential conflict.

While the above example may not be enough to drive you to seek a divorce, issues related to the children may indeed contribute to the dissolution of a marriage. You may be understandably concerned about the children's well-being if you think your soon to be former spouse is an unfit parent. If that’s the case, it may be something worth bringing up in court as you’re figuring out child custody and other divorce-related issues.

Having a different opinion than the other parent won’t be enough to sway a judge into thinking the other parent is unfit. If you intend to accuse the other parent of such, there must be evidence to substantiate the unfit parent claim. Perhaps there is evidence that the parent has physically abused a child or the parent is dealing with substance abuse and is putting the child’s safety at risk.

If your spouse would like the child to live with them he or she needs to be able to show they can meet the child’s needs financially. If they are having money issues, it is something the court will surely want to know about.

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