If a parent receives full custody during a divorce, this means the parent will have sole legal and physical custody of the child. Although most courts choose to go with joint custody to ensure the child’s best interests, parents seeking full custody should know how to proceed.

While cases involving child custody can involve a lot of emotions, parents must keep these emotions controlled. An outburst may cause your ability to parent to be scrutinized or it may cause the judge to think you are not stable enough to raise the child. Staying cool and professional will convey a better image to the court.

Speaking of professional, your attire may not factor much into whether or not you’ll receive full custody but it goes nearly without saying that dressing too casually, wearing clothing that’s too revealing or looking like you just rolled out of bed will reflect on your character negatively, regardless of how exceptional your parenting may be. Use the same approach you would if you were going for a job interview.

Lastly, be clear and reasonable about why you want sole custody. Perhaps the other parent has a history of substance abuse or the living conditions are increasing the risk of child neglect.

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