The process of seeking a court order to force someone to pay for something like child support can be daunting, especially if the person does not comply with the order. Thankfully, there are ways to address such a situation, one of them being contempt of court.

To be in "contempt of court" means a person has declined to follow an order or warrant issued by a judge. Hence, in order to be held in contempt of court, a legitimate court order must be in effect. There needs to be proof that the party subject to the conditions of the court order was aware of the court order, had the capacity to abide by the order, and deliberately failed to obey it. He or she would still need to be informed of the hearing regarding the contempt of court.

When it comes to family law, a person may be held in contempt of court for a multitude of reasons. To name a few, they may have failed to pay child or spousal support as ordered by the court, they did not comply with a parenting plan, or they may have violated a restraining order, for example.

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