A Today article provides some useful and fascinating insight into how COVID-19 may affect child custody arrangements when people are being encouraged not to go outdoors and practice social distancing. In one example, a former couple living near each other are choosing to stick to their current arrangement unless the coronavirus ends up affecting the household. Should that happen, the other parent will keep the children.

However, what happens in scenarios where conflicts may arise between parents as to whether an existing arrangement should be maintained given the circumstances? During delicate times like these, it is even more imperative to try and maintain communication. The family’s health should be a primary concern which means parents may wish to be cooperative and understand that to keep everyone safe and healthy, one parent may have less time. As the children are also experiencing changes to their routine, parents that maintain as close to a sense of normalcy while practicing proper safety precautions can help with preventing stress and anxiety in their children.

Remember that it’s not about the feelings you may have towards your ex. It’s about keeping you and your children healthy and safe.

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