A common issue many single parents find themselves dealing with is nor receiving child support payments from the other parent. These payments often help with funding school activities as well as some of the child’s basic needs. How does a single parent survive and support the child without those extra funds?

Florida has several ways of making sure single parents are receiving court-ordered child support payments. Single parents should also consider seeking the assistance of an experienced family law attorney that has worked on similar cases in the past

If a parent is not making child support payments, he or she is breaking the law. A court may, therefore, take several actions after a complaint of overdue payments is filed. Payments may be deducted from the other parent’s paycheck, a lien may be placed on their home or property, or money may be retained from the tax return. Some cases may involve license suspension, fines, freezing bank accounts, or even jail time.

If you’re dealing with a parent who is not making child support payments and you need legal assistance on what to do, contact us.

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