The holidays are usually a time for friends and family togetherness. However, after you split, the holiday season can sound anything but cheerful. Here are a few tips that may help you survive your divorce and the holidays.

The season will likely be more hectic than those of the past as you adjust to potentially being on your own. It could feel daunting! With your divorce, you have so much going on internally that the extra activities, events, and preparation may border on overwhelming.

As you find your way through the season, be gentle with yourself, your children, and your loved ones. For everybody, this is fresh and different and a little wisdom can go a tremendous way in helping to make the season a little happier and joyous than you may think given the circumstances.

The holidays are about you and the ones you care about. Just because a holiday falls on a certain day, it doesn’t mean it has to be that day. The kids may be thrilled by the idea of celebrating twice with mom and then dad.

Remember that although gift-giving is a big part of the season, simply spending time with others can prove a more meaningful experience than any material gift, regardless of price.

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