Factors That May Affect Your Child Custody Case

If you’re divorcing and children are involved, you’ll need to figure out custody. These legal cases often involve strong emotions as both parents want to spend time with their children as much as possible while figuring out how the child’s life will also change. With that in mind, several factors may affect the case.

For starters, the age of the child may be considered. If the child is older, they may be allowed input into which parent they would prefer to live with, for example. Depending on the state, the child could be interviewed privately so that they can express their feelings freely.

A court may also take into consideration the health of the relationship the child has with each parent. If one parent has a better relationship with the child than the other, it’s possible that parent will be favored.

Besides the health of the relationship between the child and the parents, the court will also each parent’s health. This will help in deciding whether the parent can care for the child. A parent has to be confident enough to respond to all their child's needs, including their mental and physical health.

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