If Florida Republican state legislators have their way, the state’s “permanent” alimony system may soon become a thing of the past. A bill is currently making its way through the pertinent channels that would place limits on the payment duration. Florida is one of just six states that allow lifetime alimony,

With the bill, “bridge the gap” alimony would replace lifetime payments made to a former spouse, at least in terms of priority. Following a divorce, the income of the person paying the alimony would not be counted. It also requires a 180-day lookback if the obligor, the individual collecting alimony payments, becomes involved in a dependent relationship.

Limits would also be placed on Florida's two other forms of alimony. Rehabilitative alimony, which aims to provide temporary support to help the recipient become financially stable, would have a five-year limit. Durational alimony, a longer-term variant intended for dependent ex-spouses, would be set at half the marital duration. Furthermore, the person paying alimony would no longer need to make payments once the retirement age is reached.

To read more, visit https://news.wfsu.org/state-news/2020-01-22/bill-to-do-away-with-lifetime-alimony-payments-in-florida-clears-first-house-panel.

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