Launching and operating a business takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication, from building loyal clients to managing downturns and more. For many business owners, the business is a major source of financial stability. If the owner is married and facing divorce, however, what happens to the business?

It's understandable to feel protective of something that you started from scratch and is now a major source of helping the family remain afloat. Even so, your soon-to-be former spouse may have an interest in your business or private practice during the divorce, because it may be the most important asset besides the home(s) you shared and any possible retirement accounts.

The splitting of the business will depend on several different factors. For example, the date the business was launched may affect how it’s perceived by the court. The court may examine whether any marital assets were used for the initial business investment or if it was only personal. Even if you did only use your income, if the income was earned during the marriage then the court may decide that your spouse is entitled a portion of it.

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