NDAs in Divorce Settlements

Divorce is difficult, and even more so when you feel the pressure of people unnecessarily knowing the intricate details of the situation. From divorce settlements to child custody, a non-disclosure agreement can help keep the details of your divorce under wraps. NDAs can protect your and your children's privacy and your peace of mind. If you wish to pursue an NDA during your divorce, contact a Miami FL divorce attorney immediately. 

These confidentiality agreements specify that no party, aside from the attorneys and the divorcing parties, and the country, or others directly involved in the case are able to access divorce documents and prohibits them from sharing information with others, including family, friends, the general media, social media, or any other parties.

In this agreement, both parties acknowledge that there is a potential for harm to come about from the dissemination of the information surrounding their case. Consequences for breaching the agreement are laid out, including potential financial penalties. NDAs will include what to do to dispose of documents at the end of the case, how to treat the documents when submitting to a county, how to dispute their confidentiality and protect them under other circumstances. 

Potential issues that surround the publicity of your divorce can even bleed into many other areas of your life. These NDAs protect your company against unwanted publicity. They protect you against unwarranted attention online, keeping your information away from the eyes of those who are not involved. NDAs can help make sure your case runs smoother by protecting against an unneeded conflict that can arise from public personal information.

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