New Florida Law Protects Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets

Can pets be victims of domestic violence

There is some positive news for domestic violence victims that are also pet owners. The recent passing of legislation is resulting in more protections. Specifically, SB 1082 allows judges to include pets in restraining orders filed against an abuser, allowing them to remain with the owner who is also a domestic violence victim.

With the passing SB 1082, Florida is now one of more than thirty other states that have also implemented laws and measures intended to protect humans from the effects of home violence.

Pets are often threatened with domestic violence

According to research from the ASPCA, close to ninety percent of women that own pets and are entering a shelter for domestic violence victims report that the abuser harmed, threatened, or even killed the family pet. Furthermore, nearly fifty percent of survivors of domestic violence that owned pets delayed finding safety.

SB 1082 will go into effect on July 1, 2020.

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