Spending Time With Children During the Upcoming Holiday Season

With the holiday season kicking off in just a few weeks, this time may bring out strong emotions among divorced couples with children. Often, one parent may wish to spend a certain holiday with the child which may lead to conflict. You may find that if circumstances allow, spending the holidays together reaps great benefits.

Divorced parents that decide to share custody during the holidays will likely experience much less conflict and it may also go a long way in boosting future cooperation. Plus, the child will likely feel secure knowing both parents are doing what they can to spend the holidays together. On the other hand, the child may begin to falsely assume that the parents are attempting to reconcile and there is a risk of strong disappointment if they realize the arrangement was only temporary. There is also the risk of old or unhealed wounds opening up, which could lead to conflict among the parents and reinforce why the marriage fell apart in the first place.

Effective sharing of time requires patience, teamwork, and discipline, the same skills that are required to obtain a reasonable divorce settlement.

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