If you got married but the relationship did not work out, you may be considering an annulment versus a divorce. Though an annulment does mean the marriage is over, the process is considerably different versus a typical divorce. Hence, it is vital to know how to proceed.

Annulment eligibility means citing specific legal grounds. While divorce means the dissolution of marriage, an annulment means the marriage is null and void. This may happen because one or both people were not made aware of certain information, which has lead to the marriage never happening in the first place. This may, in some cases, involve a legal matter. For example, a person was already married to someone else, meaning they could not legally marry again.

The above is only one example of reasons a marriage may be annulled. Both spouses must be a certain age to marry legally. If either of them is underage when the marriage happens, it is not legally considered a valid marriage. A “shotgun wedding” which happened while one or both spouses were under the influence is also grounds for an annulment as one of them may say they were not of sound mind when the marriage took place.

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