Coronavirus May Not Supersede a Custody Court Order

We previously talked about a case in which a mother was seeking to retain custody of the child due to the father working as a first responder during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the case we’re looking at today, the scenario is somewhat reversed.

A mother in Florida who works as an emergency room physician was recently bestowed custody of her daughter after losing timesharing allegedly because of her exposure to patients that may have COVID-19. This is just one of many cases where parents may be violating court orders if there is one in place mandating that parents maintain a certain schedule.

While some states do have certain limitations on when a parent can legally deny parenting time, COVID-19—or coronavirus, for that matter—may not necessarily be a valid reason for that time to be denied.

One way to potentially avoid scenarios like these is for parents to discuss what steps should be taken in the event one parent does develop symptoms. However, if one parent is intentionally denying time with the child and a court order exists, it may be time to seek legal assistance.

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