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Is Real Estate Considered Marital Property?

Following a divorce, the distribution and split of real estate can become a complex process. Every property is unique, and valuation can vary from person to person. Properties come with Read More

Prenuptial Agreements in the State of Florida

A Prenuptial Agreement in Divorce - also known as Prenup for short - is a written contract made by two parties before their marriage. This agreement lists all property and Read More

Managing Celebrity Divorces in Miami with Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can be stressful, but for those in the spotlight, it can be excruciating as the public watches your personal life unfold. Having a divorce attorney who has experience in Read More

Is Annulment an Option in Your Marriage?

When a couple marries, they typically do so intending to remain happily married for the rest of their lives. However, we all know that this isn’t always the case. Countless Read More

Work to Resolve Paternity Questions in the Divorce Legal Process

Florida family law abides by the principle that a child’s life is shaped by the support of the mother and the father - both financially and emotionally. Legally establishing paternity Read More

Florida Alimony Changes May Be on the Way

Changes to the way divorces are handled could be on the way, as two bills now pending in the Florida legislature will abolish lifelong alimony.However, there is opposition to both Read More

Are Witnesses Necessary for Family Law Agreements?

A typical marriage contract concentrates on important things like alimony, estate planning, and property rights, to name a few. You may recognize them by their more familiar name of prenuptial Read More

When Child Custody Arrangements Need to Be Tweaked

Child custody arrangements are typically made with the best of intentions but there are some that end up not working out as intended. For example, one of the parents might Read More

A Brief Look at Establishing Paternity

Determining a child's paternity is done for multiple reasons. To collect child support payments, the mother may seek the paternity of her child. The father may want paternity rights to Read More

What Happens With Rental Property?

Rental property during a marriage can serve as a useful income source, but what happens in the event the couple decides to divorce? The legalities may become more complex. The equal Read More

Viewing 141 - 150 out of 282 posts